The Foundation Pillars of Stellar Consciousness Messages of the Akashic Records about the Galactic History of the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius and Orion and about the Worlds of Lemuria and Atlantis
(Available only in Hungarian at this time)

Stellar Destinies is the fourth revised and expanded edition of our best selling books titled At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration I and II, completed with beautiful illustrations and new messages through which the basic codes of stellar consciousness can be understood and awakened. 

The book includes the cosmic fate-history of all the stars of the constellations of the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius and Orion and also the description of the origin of the Solar System.  

Following these, the most beautiful chapter on the ancient history of Planet Earth is revealed, with the lyrical narrations by the mythical inhabitants of the world of Lemuria, which is one of our highest vibrational and purest spiritual roots on this planet. A special treasure of this mystical realm is the secret of the island called Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om. This has special importance for us and it is like a personal chronicle about our own sacred roots upon Mother Earth in the ancient Lemuria that was brought from the stars. (Since Stellar Destinies is yet only available in Hungarian, we have extracted this story of Lemuria and Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om and have made it available in Appendix I of this book).

The Lemurian story is followed by the presentation of the birth and the dramatic destruction of the ancient Atlantis.

The very new and unique treasure contained in this edition is the personal confessions of five Andromedan Pegasus souls. From their personal stories, we can learn how they had lost their stellar home once, how they had lived among us here in the Solar System and on Planet Earth and how they had finally arrived home after all, as Ascended Masters, in order to establish the example of redemption for us with their lives. 

These powerful stories, which can only be found in this book, can help and teach us a lot about the secret of transforming our lives and moving towards Enlightenment and Redemption. These stories can also provide great support to those who have already read the teachings of our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families.

Wonderful illustrations make this book complete, unique and timeless. It includes the most beautiful spiritual pearls of our pathway so far, which make a truly essential foundation for experiencing the stellar consciousness and they are important for understanding the 7thdimensional teachings of the Stellar Nations too.

May this be a magical spiritual journey in the living realms of the stellar-cities helping each one of us recognize our own mission codes and the primordial motivations of our destiny. We recommend this book with all our heart to all seeking souls and Lightworkers who feel that their pathway had begun from the stars and they have been searching for such a long time for the possibilities of returning with a burning sense of longing for home. 

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Entering the Beam of the Photon Belt
The Cosmic History of the Stars of the Pleiades
Atlas and Pleione
The Sun Gate
Solana’s Cosmic Memory
Introduction to the Book “At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration II”
The Cosmic History of the Stellar World of the Andromeda constellation
Messages of the Ascended Pegasus Souls – the Andromedan Masters
    The Story of Zohaximé
    The Story of Filiandré
    The Story of Lobélia
   The Story of Kuthumi
   The Story of Sironmé
The Stellar Messengers of Sirius
The Spiritual Codes of the Orion constellation
The Worlds of Lemuria
 “The People of the Stars in the Blue Bay”
    “The Realm of the Star-Hearted Beings”
    “The World of the Star-Eyed Beings”
The Realm of the Fairies
The Message of Atlantis
The Ancient Connection between Our Lemurian Stellar Island and the Stellar Destiny of the Hungarian People

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