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The Light Altar of “A Heavenly Love”

This beautiful light altar was inspired by the sacred mystery of the soul mates. The all-pervasive and protective love-light of an infinitely gentle heavenly embrace shines through it. An Angel’s wings are wrapped around and almost lift up the delicate figure of a “star-hearted” mermaid that cuddles up to him in a touching devotion and supreme trust. Their duality is sanctified by the shining of a celestial crystal crown. There is the open sky above them and the blue of the stellar oceans below, ornamented by numerous beautiful crystals.  In front of them there is a crystal ball resting in the chalice of a flower, which carries the timeless memories of their unity – the experiences of their past, the possibilities of their present and the hopes of their future. And inside the ball, the invoked ideas of their united dreams and creative desires emerge… They have found each other… and now it’s all up to them to decide where they will raise this mystery….

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