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The Crystal Sanctuary

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This uniquely designed and handcrafted, magical and powerful Crystal Sanctuary had been a long-held dream of ours! It is the Opus Magnum for us, into which we have smoothed the spiritual power of our heart and our soul. The driving force in preparing this great work of art had been the Celestials’ request in which they had asked us to build a Sanctuary, so that via its crystal cupola the interdimensional stellar portal could be opened, through which they could channel the teachings related to the Stellar Nations and the cosmic history of the Milky Way Galaxy. And truly, as soon as we finished it, a wonderful and exciting work began together with the Celestial stellar delegation, through the galactic Akashic Records.

During that, meditating in this Sanctuary day by day for months, we received the material of our third book – The Stellar Nations – Soul Families.

This sacral space became part of our physical world in a way that it rises out of the third dimensional laws of polarity and provides such a bridge consisting of pure Light towards the Heavenly realities that it has become the channel of the highest teachings we can possibly attain at this point of time.

On the other hand this sphere has become a source that invisibly and continuously nourishes the lives of the people who connect to us, covering them with the veil of some kind of a Heavenly protection.

 We hope with all our heart that the teaching that arrived through the bridge of the Crystal Sanctuary and the recognizing of the new stellar codes will give joy to many people.


The Crystal Sanctuary

The Light Altar of Mercy

The Light Altar of the Angelic Protection

The Sacred Lemurian Golden Plate

The Mystery of the Lemurian Light Body – Altar and window ornament

The One-Heart Altar and window ornament

The Light Altar of “A Heavenly Love”

The Light Altar of the Great Felines

The Light Altar of the Healing Dolphins

The Light Sculpture of the Stellar Nation

Waoha’s Dream of Returning Home – the Light Sculpture of the Stellar Nation of the Whales

The Light Altar of the Lemurian Island called Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om

Window Ornament with the Hungarian Sacred Crown and the Holy Grail

Altar Ornament for invoking our Soul’s Angel

Smaller altar and window ornaments with the star seals of the different Stellar Nations

The birth of the lotus-priestess

The Sanctuary of Alcyone

The light seals of the Stellar Nations

The Heavenly Ark of the Angels

The Light Altar of the Tzolk’in

The Light sculpture of the Sun’s Gate

Diamond-Lotus Light Sculpture

Niome protecting Anti-Grid altar

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